About Us

Celinish, a brand derived from thinking outside the box, for those who love to discover, dream and those who chose to be out of the ‘ordinary’. Our passion for architecture and design has allowed us to build a brand which brings quirky, innovative and luxury together.

Our story starts with our founder Selin, her creative background in Architecture and her partners background in Engineering helped grow a strong passion and appreciation for the spaces around us. During her travels she will observe beautiful architectures and small details that make a great difference to the atmosphere. Growing up in London, and now spending most of her time in the beautiful city of Istanbul, both cities with melting pot of beautiful cultures and traditions, Celinish is here to bring uniqueness and joy to the spaces you spend your time in. 

At Celinish we believe that by creating beautiful spaces, reflecting our mindset, and putting this design into life influences how we feel positively. Our products are selected with care from our suppliers around the world to bring your space of living a sense of positivity.